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Ruy Lopez

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Ruy Lopez Brand - Formerly one of the great Tampa Made "Clear Havana" brands, manufactured by Gradiaz Anis Cigar Company over 60 years ago. Named after the 15th century chess master "Ruy Lopez de Sigura". Known for his skills and improvements to the game of chess that are still prominent today as well as his great passion for cigars. Vincent Ruilova purchased the Ruy Lopez brand in 1953 and began to rebuild this once popular cigar. It remained a "Clear Havana" cigar until the early 1960's. Still made in Tampa today using All Natural Leaf Cuban Seed Tobacco for a unique mild taste. Packaged in bundles of 25 cigars, available in three different sizes. The Vanilla Supreme being the most popular with a hint of vanilla flavor. This aromatic cigar is sure to please the beginning smoker as well as the connoisseur in search of something different. Ruy Lopez a mild and flavorful cigar at a great value for over 60 years.

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San Vicente

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Named after "La vega de San Vicente" in Cuba and created by our founder Vincent Ruilova in 1948. Determined to create a premium cigar that would be full-flavored with a consistently robust taste, he conducted extensive experiments using different blends of the finest Cuban tobaccos available at that time. This led to the development of his most unique blend ever. To commemorate the San Vicente brand as well as to honor Vincent Ruilova for his life's work, we have revitalized this brand. Now Hand Made in Santo Domingo, we have recreated that full- flavored consistently robust taste once again. Our blend of Dominican Long Fillers and Binder with a Ecuador Sumatra Wrapper has captured that extraordinary taste of long ago. What better way to honor one of the cigar industries greats than by recreating the San Vicente brand. The true expression of Quality, Tradition and Excellence.

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