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Dona Lydia

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For 85 years the Oliva Tobacco growing family has long been recognized as the pre-eminent tobacco grower and supplier of premium leaf to many of the worlds most esteemed cigar brands. Now new company patriarch John Oliva has set forth to create a cigar that represents the pinnacle of the tobacco growers craft and cigar makers art. The result is the Doña Lydia Cigar. Steeped in rich Cuban tobacco farming traditions, special emphasis was placed on the specially selected tobaccos for the Doña Lydia. A rich blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran fillers are married together to lend a complex yet balanced smoke. A grade of Connecticut Broadleaf usually reserved for wrapper is used for the binder to harmonize the blend and impart deep sweetness.  An aged and slow fermented seventh priming Ecuador Sumatra wrapper known for both its spicy undertones and dark chocolate bouquet swathes the Doña Lydia and represents the apex of the Oliva’s growing expertise. And finally, each cigar is crafted in Nicaragua by the Nicaragua American Cigars S.A. Factory where John Oliva placed paramount importance on producing a cigar of unfailing consistency. The result is a cigar of unparalleled flavor and as beautiful to behold as Mr. Oliva’s wife - the Doña Lydia on the box.

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Arturo Fuente

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Arturo Fuente Cigar Company Celebrates Destino Al Siglio - 100 Years of Cigar and Success In 2012 the Arturo Fuente Company will celebrate 100 years of hard work, dedication and family tradition. When A. Fuente & Company was establishe in 1912, Arturo Fuente would have never dreamed his passion for cigars would become a global benchmark for the cigar industry. He started his company with humble beginning, rolling and blending cigars in the back of his house with his wife Cristina and two sons, carlos and Arturo Oscar. Four generations later, the company is still family owned and operated in the Dominican Republic. From the very begining the focus of making a Fuente cigar was quality; quality tobacco, quality craftsmanship, and taking the time necessary to make a truly remarkable cigar. We don't hurry things; we just do things the way they are supposed to be done. " says Carlos Fuente Sr." 100 years later, a burning passion for cigars continues to inspire the Fuente family. As they pass down to their children the culture and traditions of Arturo Fuente, the Fuente family will continue to make the world's finest cigars for generations to come.


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Formerly manufactured in Havana, Cuba by Fernandez, Palicio y Cia. At the turn of the century for export to Italy. Now hand made in Spanish Honduras using the same old-fashioned Cuban tradition. The Italian name Gioconda was taken from the famous "Mona Lisa" painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Also known in Italy as "La Gioconda" after the presumed name of the mysterious women's husband. For over 50 years, Vincent Ruilova, one of Tampa's last great cigar authorities has been creating these vintage premium cigars. Under his supervision only the finest Cuban Seed tobaccos are used in order to insure his original blend is not lost. This century old process of selecting and aging the different types of long filler, binder and wrapper is what gives each Gioconda cigar its unique and consistent flavor. These hand-crafted cigars are medium body and rich in taste. All that can be expected from an extraordinary cigar. These high standards set more than a half century ago have enabled us to continue successfully to create these vintage premium cigars since 1943. Discover for the first time what only a few connoisseurs have experienced. The ultimate in smoking pleasure Gioconda.

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