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JC Newman

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J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s long history dates back more than a century to 1895, when Julius Caeser Newman rolled his first cigars in the family barn in Cleveland, Ohio. From our humble beginnings as a one-man cigar factory, we have survived and prospered through the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Cuban embargo, excessive taxes, smoking bans and the rapid consolidation of the cigar industry. The company joined the Tampa cigar manufacturing community in 1954 when our founding father, Grandpa J.C. Newman, determined that the company’s future lay in the manufacture of premium cigars. He resolved to relocate to Tampa, which enjoyed a world-class reputation for producing high-quality premium cigars. The move also brought him closer to his primary source of tobacco: Cuba. Interestingly, since the turn of the century, more hand-rolled Clear Havana cigars – cigars made entirely of Cuban tobacco – had been made in Tampa than were made in Cuba and imported in the United States. J.C. Newman found his ideal manufacturing location at a landmark cigar factory in Ybor City, Tampa’s central cigar-making district founded in 1886 by legendary Cuban revolutionary Vincent Ybor. Built in 1910, the Regensburg factory was one of the last and largest cigar factories ever built in Tampa. Like every cigar factory in town, the Regensburg had a nickname: El Reloj, Spanish for “The Clock.” For generations, residents had risen and retired to the hourly chimes ringing from its tall brick clock tower. After decades of silence, the landmark El Reloj now rings again thanks to a loving restoration by the Newman family in 2002.

Kings Club

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Kings Club - Brought to the United States after Cuba's War of Independence which ended in 1898. The first U.S. ownership can be traced back to August 5, 1904 to the American Lithograph Company. This brand was acquired by the Ruy Suarez y Cia. cigar factory in Tampa, Florida and introduced on November 3, 1924 as a "Clear Havana" cigar. A term used for cigars made of all Cuban tobacco. Ownership was later acquired by Vincent Ruilova in 1943 and remained a "Clear Havana" cigar until the American Trade Embargo with Cuba in 1961. As a tribute to its long and prestigious history, Vincent & Tampa Cigar Company would like to re-introduce our Kings Club brand, now Hand Made in Spanish Honduras. Using only the finest Cuban Seed Dominican Long Filler and Binder with an Ecuador Wrapper all meticulously cured and processed to perfection. The results giving each Kings Club cigar, an extraorinary smooth yet rich flavor made for a king. Packed in a distinctive Spanish Cedar box which insures their quality and prestige. Available in four different shapes and sizes to satisfy even the most discriminating cigar aficionados. Kings Club bearing the name of Royal Greatness.

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La Eminencia

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La Eminencia Brand - Developed as a domestic brand in Cuba by Ramon Allones in the late 1800's named after the factory where his cigars were produced. Ramon Allones holds his place in Cuba's great cigar history by being the first man to put colorful printed labels on his cigar boxes. This brand was later sold and manufactured by Cifuentes Pego y Cia. in Havana, Cuba in the early 1920's. The La Eminencia brand was purchased by Vincent Ruilova in 1943 and is now Hand Made in Spanish Honduras as well as in Tampa, Florida. Our "Signature Brand" for more than half a century. The name alone describes this premium cigar meaning Eminence, Excellence or Greatness all that you can expect from a quality Hand Made long filler cigar. La Eminencia one of our largest selling brands, packaged in bundles of 25 cigars therefore, eliminating expensive packaging cost. Available in 10 different shapes and sizes to satisfy your smoking pleasure. A mild to medium bodied cigar at a price everyone can afford. Don't be fooled by our low prices. This is a quality hand made premium cigar. Remember the name La Eminencia.